Decarbonization Actors

We, citizens of the world, are not resigned to climate change. Becoming a Partner of EMERGENCE SOLAR means being a player in decarbonization. Whether you are an investment fund, a Business Angel, an industrialist, a community, an individual, or even a student eager to improve our Planet, participate in the development of EMERGENCE SOLAR. Your contribution will help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve our natural resources.

As a Green Tech Start-Up, EMERGENCE SOLAR aims to offer disruptive solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonize our Planet. Our current innovations focus on photovoltaic efficiency to contribute to the energy self-sufficiency of many connected everyday objects and equipment. as an actor in decarbonization. EMERGENCE SOLAR is forward-looking, and its R&D department will offer disruptive solutions in Renewable Energies in the short term.

Investing in EMERGENCE SOLAR means investing for today and for tomorrow. EMERGENCE SOLAR offers disruptive solutions including the patented "e-Mergence" device: innovative and efficient Transparent Photovoltaic Gel on most surfaces (glass, Plexiglas, carbon, aluminum...).
Our solution contributes to the energy self-sufficiency of many connected everyday objects and equipment while preserving our Planet. Our current applications and developments focus on Tertiary-BIPV, Greenhouses, Shelters, Embedded Systems - Electric Mobility, Connected Mobile Objects...

Our Credo: Energy self-sufficiency in the service of decarbonization, environmental preservation, and resources.


We position ourselves above all as an engineering and service company in Green Tech, particularly in photovoltaic efficiency.


Skills Transfer

Most of our clients are responsible for the manufacturing of the PV Gel according to specifications and certifications in force.
We assist them in the industrial implementation of the e-Mergence device, support them, and offer them improvements in photovoltaic efficiency as part of a subscription contract



Distribution is ensured by our Sales Department and through the establishment of partnerships internationally. It is mainly focused on the sale of operating licenses, partial property transfers, Client support services, and subscription contracts

Customer Benefits


Global Energy Context

Facing growing global energy needs and evolving attitudes favorably, the demand for renewable energies is increasing.
In this context, our solution meets the expectations of many industrial players by offering them a disruptive solution and a generator of green energy preserving natural resources.



Our innovation applicable in many fields is part of sustainable development with an inexhaustible and decarbonized electricity production, at low cost.
Our device conforms to the shape of objects, without altering their appearance and offers unparalleled transparency


Economic Impact

Our device as an electricity generator on underexploited surfaces offers a sustainable solution with a quick return on investment, allowing energy savings and improved purchasing power for companies and individuals. Its accessibility is strengthened by alliances with major industrial players.