Frequently Asked Questions

Our solution meets the growing global energy needs with renewable and inexhaustible green energy: solar.
Our innovation, applicable in many fields, is part of sustainable development with decarbonized electricity production, environmental and natural resource preservation, and at a low cost.

Our Transparent Photovoltaic Gel innovation allows previously underutilized surfaces to become electricity generators .
Our device makes it possible, for example, to achieve energy self-sufficiency for connected mobile objects, IoT, enables energy self-consumption in homes, reduces energy dependence, and improves the autonomy of electric and hybrid vehicles.
Its sole source of energy: the sun

Paired with patented opacifying technology, our PV Gel applied to glass or Plexiglas surfaces achieves a better yield than most current Market solar panels, with a smoothed yield over a day of about 26% (i.e., 260 Wc per m2).
And this doesn't take into account the savings in air conditioning needs generated by our opacifying technology ...
As for the generated autonomy, it will depend on the nature of the equipment, the electrical power it requires, and the state of its battery. For some connected mobile objects, energy autonomy will be total, this is what we call self-consumption !

In most cases, our transparent PV gel is integrated into glass and Plexiglas during their manufacture (between two layers of materials). The visible electronic part is hidden, for example, in window trims, in a car door, etc... depending on the application.
In all cases, our device is invisible to the human eye and conforms to the shapes of the objects where it is integrated without altering their appearance or aesthetics.
It can also be applied to a flexible transparent film. It then becomes a transparent photovoltaic film of the latest generation.

Solar panels are mainly intended to be integrated on roofs or more recently installed in gardens or even on balconies.
Our solution goes further than that since it can be installed vertically on car windows, buildings, Plexiglas, guardrails, etc... which preserves the resources needed for the manufacture of panels such as aluminum, iron, sand...
Our device can also be integrated into mobile objects, even complex ones, such as drones.

Our gel is transparent and contains microscopic photovoltaic cells that are manufactured and arranged so that they are invisible to the human eye.
The visible electronic part is hidden in window trims, in car doors, etc... So our device does not alter the appearance or aesthetics of the objects and equipment where it is integrated.

Energy is produced by the photovoltaic effect: conversion of solar energy into electricity thanks to photovoltaic cells.
Our transparent PV gel is conductive of electricity , it is then directed to the end of the surfaces that benefit from the integration of our device, towards the electronic part.

Some connected mobile objects become energy self-sufficient such as energy-efficient mobile phones, smart windows, IoT devices, etc...
In all other cases, our device is a disruptive solution that provides an energy supply to the objects and equipment where it is integrated, significantly reducing their energy needs and dependencies.

No maintenance is required especially since our photovoltaic device is integrated into elements that have a long lifespan due to their nature: glass, Plexiglas, robust materials, etc...
Nothing prevents you from acting as a knowledgeable user and occasionally carrying out a (brief) cleaning of the photovoltaic objects!

We guarantee our photovoltaic device for 20 years with a minimum yield of 85%.
But like the first solar panels sent into space, the lifespan of our solution exceeds its warranty period.

EMERGENCE SOLAR represents the future of photovoltaics .
Being equipped with our technology brings to life previously untapped surfaces such as glass, Plexiglas, etc., allowing them to become generators of green electricity.
A few months are enough to recoup the integration of our device into your equipment. Your end customers then make significant savings on their energy needs, which reduces their bills and improves their purchasing power ...

Our green solution is part of sustainable development with the goal of zero CO2 emissions.
Our ecological ambitions are to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 10% by 2035 for new vehicles put into circulation and new real estate constructions (the mobility and tertiary sectors being responsible globally for more than 60% of CO2 emissions).
This can be achieved through partnerships and strategic alliances with major industrial players who, in addition to reducing greenhouse gases, are also becoming aware of the need to preserve our natural resources.

Yes, this is one of our objectives. Our economic model is mainly based on the sale of operating licenses with skills transfers .
Thus, our clients, with our support, have specifications that allow them to directly manufacture the photovoltaic gel.
If a large number of actors in the tertiary sector (manufacturers, developers...), in embedded mobility especially automotive, and manufacturers of connected mobile objects such as phones, tablets play along: the possibilities for deployments are multiple .

It's simple, just fill out our Contact form and our Sales Department will be happy to offer you a solution tailored to your expectations and needs.
In most cases, this results in an exclusive or non-exclusive operating license for a given business area and a defined geographical area. As well as a subscription contract that allows you to benefit from our daily support and access to improvements and enhancements to our solution.

All you have to do is contact us through our Contact form, and one of our authorized representatives will contact you directly.
As part of our development, we are currently in the fundraising phase . Your contribution, in addition to significant financial gains, will allow us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve our natural resources.
EMERGENCE SOLAR represents the future of photovoltaics , and its R&D department will offer disruptive solutions in Renewable Energies in the short to medium term.
Investing in EMERGENCE SOLAR is investing for today and for tomorrow .